The Online Course to Get Your Mystery Done!

Do you want to write a mystery?
Have you started one and are stuck and can’t finish?
Then you need Write A Killer Mystery.

Write A Killer Mystery – Foundation is an introductory course for first-time writers with everything you need to know to write a complete mystery novel.

It’s a straightforward easy-to-follow guide that will take all the guesswork out of how to write your book and get your author career off to a confident start. (Suitable for beginner to intermediate level mystery writers.)

What You Will Learn:

  • Take your idea from concept to story
  • Create a super sleuth that readers will love.
  • Master the secrets of all the suspects, including the villain.
  • Research details that bring your story to life.
  • Use your story idea to plan your mystery.
  • Write your story scene by scene, but not necessarily in order.
  • Hide clues in clever ways to keep readers guessing.
  • Revise your draft for polish

Check out the Course and Start Writing!