Cozy Under The Sun

Follow Jake “Cozy” Cozzens as he navigates through thick-skinned vegetation, secrets buried in idyllic suburban settings, and a tightly-knit community where appearances deceive and danger lurks just inches beneath the surface. In this sun-drenched mystery, Jake must piece together clues from the unlikeliest of witnesses—a determined 8-year-old with dreams of justice—to uncover a hidden truth and possibly unearth more than he ever expected. 

Any Time The Hunter Generic 1

Any Time The Hunter

Detective Jane Sharpe is called to a vineyard murder scene. As Jane uncovers clues amidst the sun-drenched vines and eerie oak groves, she’s drawn into a deeper mystery involving hidden motives, human trafficking, and unexpected alliances. Confronting the realities of nature, from prowling mountain lions to venomous rattlesnakes, she must navigate through both the physical and metaphorical wilderness to unmask the killer.