Great Way to Give Out Free Books

Create and Share Free Books for Author Promotion

Hook potential readers with a free book giveaway. Book Funnel stores PDF, .epub, and .mobi files so they can read your book in their format of choice.  Scrivener users can compile a manuscript to each of these formats. Once you have created the files, simply upload each file plus the book cover to Book Funnel.
​Here’s a quick tutorial on how to set up your book for distribution. 

Increase Your Exposure, Gain Readers

Your free book is an invitation to readers to get to know you. Make sure your put some of your personality in the free offer. It doesn’t matter if it a book or a one-sheet. For most new readers your free offer is the first chance they get to meet you. First impressions count. Make your book look professional. Create a personable introduction to you and your writing.

​Zara Altair

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