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When Your Characters Speak

The Writing Process with Jo Nesbø Interview with Jo Nesbø by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association detailing his beginnings in childhood as a storyteller and his writing process.My favorite quote is the one above: You don’t really know your characters until they start speaking. Tweet: You don’t really know your characters until they start speaking….

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Historical Mystery Research: Details Behind the Story

Gathering Research Bits While The Roman Heir is in editing process, I’m scouring for ideas for the next several stories. Never forgetting setting, I’m looking at meadows and woods for The Vellum Scribe. ​ The Vellum Scribe  A monkish scribe. A gored noble. A tantalizing daughter.Argolicus unravels the threads. When Argolicus’ pious uncle arrives to complete…


Behind the Author: Real People, Heroes, and Imaginings

Image by  Alayna at Deviant Art  Formative Ideas Behind the Author Every author draws from personal history when creating characters. The main character, the protagonist, along with the antagonist derive from your experience to emerge as rich, engaging people in your story. Behind the list of characteristics, flaws and shortcomings, physical makeup, and the like,…