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Countdown to Publish

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Pre-Publication Activities

The Roman Heir is due for publication on July 22. The book went out to advance readers over two weeks ago, I’m getting feedback. That means I’m doing some editing like rewording or fixing those gosh darn typos. I’m extremely grateful to these advance readers who give me early feedback.

This is just the first round of final editing. I have two more steps before I upload the book on July 15. Aside from checking any other feedback from advance readers, I listen to the entire book read aloud. I did that chapter by chapter, but one last check. Then I read the book aloud myself to hear and feel the words as I speak them.

I’ve heard most of the story read aloud by members of my writing group as the story progressed. But, I’ve made numerous changes, especially since I presented early chapters to the group.

Spread The Author Word

Two days after the book release on July 24, International Thriller Writers is publishing my article for mystery writers, “Ten Ways to Hide Clues in Your Mystery” as a guest post in their publication The Thrill Begins.  

The World of Argolicus Event

On July 22, the day The Roman Heir comes out, I’m doing a special live event on Facebook. I have slides and an overview of the historical background for the stories. The reign of Theodoric in Italy (493–526 CE) is a short time span in the vast spread of history. I’ll be zooming in on the highlights. After the presentation, I’ll answer general questions from the audience either about the background or writing or the stories.

The live event is July 22 at 9:00 AM. Use the Time Calculator to determine the time where you are. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Writing Doesn’t Stop

With the work on getting the story ready for publication, I’ve not lost track of the next story, The Vellum Scribe. I’m creating character background studies and filling in plot details. I’ve even written a bit of the beginning. Of course, as I dig deeper into the story, the beginning may change.

Looking forward to seeing you at The World of Argolicus event.

Zara Altair

Enter a world in ancient Italy when Roman and Ostrogoth laws made murder a private matter. In a time when murder was not a crime, Argolicus helps solve crimes for individuals when politics and murder collide.

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