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The Roman Heir in Conversation

I’m speaking with avid reader Oleg Moskalensky about The Roman Heir on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 3 PM Pacific Time. (Convert to Your Time).

The wonderful thing for authors is that readers come from all vocations. Oleg is an IT consultant and developer of specialized programs and apps for business. 

The story takes place in Ostia, Italy, and Oleg actually lived there when he was young. 

Since Oleg is lively and opinionated, this will be an especially fun interview for me.  

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Make this more than a talking heads conversation. Click the video link to add your comments and questions. Or join us here ​

I’ll be talking about creating a mystery, writing about another time and place, and whatever else you and Oleg throw into the mix. 

The Roman Heir, An Argolicus Mystery

You can pick up your copy of this Argolicus Mystery at Amazon or a version for your favorite eReader. There’s still time to read before the interview.
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Mystery in History
After Rome, before the Middle Ages, Italy belonged to the Ostrogoths.

A naive teenager. A sister with secrets. A corrupt patrician.  Argolicus unravels the threads.

Argolicus and Nikolaos deliver a gift but arrive hours after a brutal murder. They look for an answer until they find that a man’s secrets do not go with him to the grave.
When Argolicus leaves Rome to retire to his estate in southern Italy, his powerful friend Boethius asks a small favor. Before he sets sail to the south, deliver a book to a young man in Ostia near the port at the mouth of the Tiber river.

When Argolicus arrives in the dying resort town, he finds chaos and sorrow in the villa. The young book lover’s father has been viciously murdered just hours before and the young man asks for help.

With just days to find the killer before his ship leaves port, Argolicus must probe the politics of the dying town. But with every investigation he makes, the circle of possibilities grows. Success seems out of reach and he must disappoint the family, until a ruffian accosts him and pieces fall into place.

Picture The Roman Heir, An Argolicus Mystery, Zara Altair, crime, historical fiction, Italian detective

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