The Geni.us of Going Global

Invite Global Readers to Get Your Books


Geni.us creates links that send someone to the Amazon store nearest them. If you have a reader in the U.K., and they click the link, they will be taken to Amazon.uk not the U.S. store. The same for Japan, or Germany, or India, etc. 

For example, people in 21 different countries have clicked my link to The Used Virgin.

Just grab the amazon link to your ebook and geni.us will create a unique url link for your book. Advanced features offer A/B testing or just identifying links for Twitter, Facebook, or your website.

Any way that you can make it easier for a reader to get your book is a great convenience for readers all over the world. 

Watch the tutorial to see how the link works.

Geni.us provides data on each link so you can track countries and clicks for each book. Although my book is written in English, it has appeal for people interested in Italy. Readers have clicked the geni.us link and received the book straight from Amazon.it.

Features just for authors

Geni.us has recently upgraded. One of the new features is just for authors. You can link to your books and your author page. 

If you are interested in broadening your readership, a link that goes to the readers nearest country makes it super convenient. 

​Zara Altair

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