Daily Writing Word Count

How Many Words Should I Write a Day?

rWord count varies per writing session varies from writer to writer. The most important aspect of your word count goal is to set a reasonable target on a daily basis. Some days you may reach your goal, some days you may not reach your goal, and–the best days of all–some days you will exceed your goal.
​If you are new to setting your writing goal, make sure to set your daily work time and then experiment with your word count goal for each session. If you set your goal for 1,000 words per session and reach it, try pushing up the word count. If you do not reach your goal of 1,000 words consistently, set your count a little lower. 

Practice and Consistency Will Increase Your Word Count

As you continue with your daily practice, you will find that your word count increases. Always be ready to set new goals. 
Several factors contribute to this increase:

  • Your body becomes accustomed to writing at your set time  so the transition from “life” to writing time becomes smoother and faster.
  • As you write consistently, your flow increases.
  • Daily practice makes you a better writer, including increasing your word count.

​Trust your personal process. Push your goals. Keep writing.

​Zara Altair

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