The Right Time to Write

Find Your Best Time to Write

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Each writer finds the best time to write. The key to getting your work done is consistency. 

Two Steps to Your Ideal Flow

New writers are often confused about the best time to write and how much to write during each writing session.

  • Discover your best writing time​
  • Continually commit to that time 

Find a time when your distractions are at a minimum. Turn off phones, social media, and any other personal temptations to interrupt that time. 
Test different times of the day–early morning, morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening, late night, really early morning–to discover which time of day works with your writing flow.

Some authors get up early in the morning before family and/or work calls them to other activities. Another group of writers find late at night, often into the early morning, works best for them. I’m one of the night into next morning writers. 

Once you discover your personal ideal time, enter it on your daily schedule and commit to that time as writing time. No excuses. Especially when you are starting out developing your writing routine, “one time” exceptions are easy to accept and interrupt your dedicated time.

After you have established your routine, you’ll find it much easier to hold that writing time as precious and not allow any interruptions. 

The best reward for finding your writing time and sticking to it is you will see results.

Zara Altair

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