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I’m one week in on my first Kickstarter project for my next novel The Grain Merchant. I’m excited and filled with doubt. I had two backers the moment the project went live. I was ecstatic.

The first day I went way out of my comfort zone and did a livestream Launch Party on YouTube. I read excerpts, revealed more of the story, provided historical background, created some character background, and answered questions. It was long and fun. Kickstarter told me I got three new pledges from the video.

The thing about crowdfunding is you need a crowd. I’ve been sharing on social media like twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.  

I sent out notices to my reader list and a special list I created of friends and family. I don’t like overloading my readers with multiple emails but I wish I could notify them every day.  Restraint is hard.

What I’ve Learned So Far

You need to know about yourself to even think about putting together a funding project.
You need to believe in the project in order 
to put in the hours it takes to create the project and maintain contact with backers.

I’m brave.
I love telling people about the project.
I’m enthusiastic about the editor Marcus Trower.
I love how Ryan J. Rhoades of Reformation Designs creates graphics for each novel. I especially love the new cover.
I get backers who are people I don’t know.
Doing a fundraising project is a lot of work.
I’m proud of my book.

Be Part of the Crowd

You don’t have to like historical mysteries to back the project. The rewards are all books created by me, but if you like the concept
you can still support the
project by pledging a donation. If you like historical mysteries, then go all in and back the project! Choose your reward level and become a backer. See the project here:

Zara Altair

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