Writing Vacation: The Second Week

Dodge Challenger, Jane's vehicle

Some days the writing vacation from tasks is a push. I still have work. No vacation from that. But I’m pleased with the progress and enjoying the process.

Recap of week 2:

Day 7 – One last synopsis edit. Submit first 3k words and synopsis to Curtis Brown Creative. Brainstorm Christmas 2023 mystery.

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Day 8 – Start private Pinterest board for cover ideas for Christmas 2023 cozy mystery. Adjust plot outline. Write another villain sequence. 

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Day 9 – Heavy work schedule, but managed to finish the villain segment. Yes, I gave up a lot of activities, but not work. They do not work, they shall not eat. 

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Day 10 – Another heavy work day. Finished the villain segment and half-way through another chapter. 

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Day 11 – Procedural and crime scene chapter. 

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Day 12 – Rework crime scene chapter. 

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Day 13 – New minor character. New witnesses. Chapter expansion. 

Again, each image pertains to a scene or event in the story.

Jane’s Dodge Challenger

Russian tea room cabbage rolls

The victim in a Russian tea room

General store setting


AI image of female detective in the redwoods

Irish Wolfhound 

Thanks for following along.


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